Accident Management Software

In any size business managing accidents can become tiresome and very lengthy therefore here at Southalls we have come up with an all new modern accident management software which will enable you to streamline the process massively. This software is; Safety Cloud. 

Safety Cloud has been designed by ex-health and safety inspectors, who have successfully created a secure web based health and safety SaaS with an easy to navigate user interface to ensure the best possible experience. Businesses that use this type accident management software will see a decrease in overall accidents as well as having a much smoother process with less paperwork and less stress. 

Safety cloud allows you to analyse all accident data including, the percentage of accidents which occur in a certain place and the amount of accidents in a time period. This enables you to discover if there is a common factor in these accidents, by doing so you can investigate further and arrange any refresher training courses which may be needed.

Pulling through any email correspondence sent or received, making accident logging easier, quicker and more accurate with a clear trail of exactly what had been said regarding the accident makes this a one of a kind accident management software. 

Here at Southalls we want to make sure that you always receive the excellent service. Therefore in the unusual and unfortunate event you experience any issues with the software our highly skilled team our available for over the phone support. 

By teaming all these features, plus more, Safety cloud is the most innovative accident management software available on the market. For more information on how the software can help streamline your health and safety overall, do not hesitate to give us a call, as one of our advisors will be happy to talk you through all available options for your business. If you’re still unsure why not request a demo?