We Let Our Clients Do The Talking

Proud of our growth built predominantly on word of mouth recommendation, here’s a sample of some fantastic feedback from satisfied customers.

The Challenge - Restaurants

  1. To achieve 5 gold star rating for food hygiene (awarded by local council Environmental Health Dept)
  2. Safety software that manages both health & safety and food safety matters.
  3. Consultants with experience of the restaurant sector with ability to offer practical guidance and practical advice in event of legislative changes e.g. food allergen labelling requirements.
  4. Dealing with over-zealous inspectors who try to prohibit specific food handling / cooking processes without sound scientific basis for their judgement.


As ex-enforcement officers, our consultants are familiar with awarding the ‘hygiene rating systems’ therefore know what to advise for you to achieve the highest rating. Our consultants have experience of working within the restaurant sector both from advisor and enforcement side so this makes them ideally placed to come up with practical workable solutions. In event of legislative changes we are prepared to guide you through the maze and ready with answers on how the changes apply to your business. We deal directly with Environmental Health Officers to fight your corner when they are keen to prohibit certain food handling / cooking methods without sound justification. Often achieving an effective outcome whereby specific food handling / cooking processes are allowed to continue. Safety Cloud also functions to manage food safety as well as health and safety by holding all relevant food safety documents, audit reports and providing a platform for logging and investigating alleged food poisoning /complaint cases.

Looking to manage your own health and safety internally?

  • With over 50,000 individual users, Safety Cloud is an easy, secure, web-based system providing a modern, comprehensive approach to health and safety management.
  • Expertly designed by ex-health and safety inspectors, the system enables you to handle all aspects of health and safety internally.