We Let Our Clients Do The Talking

Proud of our growth built predominantly on word of mouth recommendation, here’s a sample of some fantastic feedback from satisfied customers.

The Challenge - Schools

  1. Finding time to release teaching staff for health and safety training.
  2. Maintaining an environment in which pupils can learn and partake in the full range of activities and facilities in safety without restricting their enjoyment. Particularly focusing on higher risk areas which may include science and woodwork, art, drama, sports, animal handling or shooting range facilities and unique activities such as school trips. 
  3. Keeping track of health and safety records across multiple school locations.
  4. Consistency in approach to health and safety across multiple school locations.


Safety Cloud provides teaching staff with health & safety e-learning training without requiring time away from the classroom. Safety Cloud holds all the health & safety records in one place and provides top management with an overview of all schools safety from the comfort of their desk. The safety consultancy service supports the schools in achieving a more consistent approach to health and safety management across multiple sites and focuses on the activities and facilities unique to each school to build a safe learning environment.

Following a recent school inspection….. “ They were very impressed with the safety cloud. Had not seen a system like it. We got outstanding for Health and Safety” Denise Latimer, Administration Assistant, Focus School, Northampton

Looking to manage your own health and safety internally?

  • With over 50,000 individual users, Safety Cloud is an easy, secure, web-based system providing a modern, comprehensive approach to health and safety management.
  • Expertly designed by ex-health and safety inspectors, the system enables you to handle all aspects of health and safety internally.