Compliance Software

Managing health and safety data internally can be a real struggle due to other responsibilities and the vast amount of data. Here at Southalls we have the perfect solution; Safety Cloud, a simple to use web based compliance software system. 

You are able to manage all health and safety aspects through simple reports or graphs. Keep record of all audits, accident/incident reporting, policies, health surveillance questionnaires, work equipment and maintenance management, risk assessments, training and more. 

With an in depth audit trail, including any email correspondences, this compliance software allows you to stay safe and stay compliant at all times by reminding you of any upcoming tasks, examination and audit due dates as well as any training dates. Not only are you able to keep track of all audits but you are able to conduct them with the straight forward health and safety audit reporting. Highlighting any areas in which your compliance may be lacking, you can ensure you are working in line with all health and safety legislations and regulations specific to your business at all times. 

Easy and effortless analysis can indicate any problem areas with in your health and safety. For example you can see how many accidents/incidents happened in a certain time period and exactly what department/area they occurred in. Thus enables you to conduct any further training needed to help prevent any future unnecessary accidents/incidents in the work place. 

Safety Cloud compliance software makes handling all your health and safety data simple with one of the most user friendly interfaces available across all platforms including smart phones. You can now access and enter data whilst you’re on the go! However in the unusual, unfortunate event our team of highly skilled professionals are available over the phone to offer support for any issues you may experience. 

Whilst you’re deciding whether Safety Cloud is the right compliance software for your business why not give us a call to find out how else it can help your health and safety or even request a free demo!