Eliza Bonecka

Eliza is a Marketing Communications Specialist with a very strong digital background. She currently holds 3 degrees including a Bsc in Public Relations and Business and an Msc in Marketing Management. Her future plans involve pursuing a PhD.
Our Marketing Manager is constantly expanding her expertise with experience, in both, in- house marketing and in-agency. One of Eliza’s major clients was a leading US quality and compliance brand. That relationship gave her the advantage of operating in this extremely demanding and international industry.
Here at Southalls, Eliza is responsible for the whole marketing department. Her key areas of responsibilities include: marketing strategy implementation, lead generation inbound marketing, social media, email marketing, paid social, SEO, events, PR and much more!
In her free time, she’s a typical dog freak, spending most of her weekends traveling the country with her German Shepherd/Husky mix called McMuffin the Chocolate Dog. She also bakes, reads thrillers, watches horror movies, hangs out with friends and sleeps. The last one is a must!

Who We Are

Southalls was established in the West Midlands by John and Angela Southall in 2003 as a complete and simple solution to help businesses achieve compliance with Health & Safety and Food Safety Legislation.

Proud of our reputation for quality, value and 'going the extra mile' - Southalls is a high growth company, growing by 20% or more year on year, predominantly through word of mouth recommendation.

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