Southalls in partnership with Shoosmiths LLP, a major law firm, offer a unique opportunity to join the leading legal and safety specialists for our first VIP breakfast seminar in Manchester. 

During our breakfast briefing, we will take a practical look at health and safety leadership, engaging with senior business managers and providing tangible take away ideas. We will also cover recent developments in the courtroom, explaining what our legal experts have learned in the new era of sentencing guidelines. As an individual, you can also face a criminal prosecution following a manslaughter or health and safety charge.

Over the last few years, there have been new health and safety regulations, new Sentencing and Manslaughter Guidelines and prosecutions citing approved codes of practice. We understand how complicated this can be but, thanks to our multi-sector experience, we can guide you through these challenges.

Our next webinar on the 6th of March 2019 at 10.30AM, will outline challenges you may face relating to the increased focus on health.

Southalls will also give you some practical examples of best health and safety practice, and what to expect when the HSE or local authority come knocking at your door.

Get prepared for what lies ahead of you and your business, free of charge, with Southalls specialist health and safety team.


Don't Let Safety Hazards Ruin Your Business

Meet with one of our health and safety experts to discuss what’s working with your current approach – and how best practice could transform its effectiveness.

We’ll talk you through:

- Risk areas that could result in financial penalties

Key regulations that impact your sector

- Practical, cost-effective strategies to tackle your top safety priorities  

Booking is simple and set around your schedule. Click below to arrange a short, no-strings session with a Southalls specialist.  

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