Joanna Smith

Jo loves fresh ideas and approaching old problems from a new perspective. She believes that pushy sales and marketing are old-fashioned and over used and is passionate about creating quality content that people really want to read! With the purpose of building upon Southalls' excellent reputation and down-to-earth approach, Jo joined the marketing and communications side of the business.

Before joining the Southalls team, she completed a BSc in English at Aston University in which she developed a keen interest in the use of language and strong communication skills to build a positive brand image. After graduating, she took the opportunity to experience new languages and cultures by travelling and teaching English in different countries within Europe. Once back in the UK, she established invaluable work experience at two small family-run companies, marketing their services and developing their brands through social media and content marketing. This experience was furthered through her next role marketing a Warwickshire County Council project responsible for deploying superfast broadband across the region.

Jo is a keen socialiser, enjoying meeting new people and visiting new places. She relishes an opportunity to explore cities across the world, trying exotic food and drinks and meeting different people along the way.

Who We Are

Southalls was established in the West Midlands by John and Angela Southall in 2003 as a complete and simple solution to help businesses achieve compliance with Health & Safety and Food Safety Legislation.

Proud of our reputation for quality, value and 'going the extra mile' - Southalls is a high growth company, growing by 20% or more year on year, predominantly through word of mouth recommendation.

Looking to manage your own health and safety internally?

  • With over 50,000 individual users, Safety Cloud is an easy, secure, web-based system providing a modern, comprehensive approach to health and safety management.
  • Expertly designed by ex-health and safety inspectors, the system enables you to handle all aspects of health and safety internally.