Tom Fear

Tom graduated from Birmingham University with a BSc degree in Computer Games Technology in which he learned languages such as C# and C++ . After graduating, Tom worked for a small software development company in which he was exposed to, SQL and Further onto that, Tom is now in his second software development role working for Southalls in which he extends his knowledge about programming (and health and safety) every day. Tom enjoys the challenge that Southalls brings and believes his work effectively contributes to the company and clients.

Tom is a nerd at heart and enjoys everything that entails. He keeps up to date with any new and exciting technologies in the world, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. In his spare time, Tom loves to play video games, spending time with friends & family and watching TV/films. But on the more adventurous side, Tom loves to travel and has spent 3 months working and travelling in America as well as spending a month travelling in Europe.

Who We Are

Southalls was established in the West Midlands by John and Angela Southall in 2003 as a complete and simple solution to help businesses achieve compliance with Health & Safety and Food Safety Legislation.

Proud of our reputation for quality, value and 'going the extra mile' - Southalls is a high growth company, growing by 20% or more year on year, predominantly through word of mouth recommendation.

Looking to manage your own health and safety internally?

  • With over 50,000 individual users, Safety Cloud is an easy, secure, web-based system providing a modern, comprehensive approach to health and safety management.
  • Expertly designed by ex-health and safety inspectors, the system enables you to handle all aspects of health and safety internally.