New COVID-19 safety standards have left many businesses crying out for clarity – and a more robust and reliable way to track, manage and boost compliance under updated guidelines. Could the answer be found online? 

Taking a digital approach to compliance management can tighten processes, create a COVID-secure workplace and ensure you’re implementing the right coronavirus controls for your staff and stakeholders.  

Safety Cloud, their flexible, cloud-based software trusted by more than 150,000 users worldwide, helps you effectively manage your COVID-19 response with a range of custom tools and training features:

  • COVID-specific health screening questionnaires. Personalised health screening questionnaires help you pinpoint and protect team members at increased risk, including clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals. Employees log into Safety Cloud from home, complete forms online and provide the info you need to prepare appropriate risk assessments and support their safe return to work.
  • Return to work risk assessments. Essential as of 1 August, employee-specific return to work risk assessments highlight the COVID-19 hazards you need to address before welcoming back your team. Safety Cloud streamlines the entire process with online to-do lists, task management tools and an instant view of progress from any device.
  • Automated reminders. Safety Cloud’s auto-alerts prompt you when a COVID-19 or employee-specific risk assessment is due – and follow up if things fall off schedule – so you can be confident you’re covering every requirement.
  • Bespoke online COVID-19 checklists. Purpose-built COVID-19 checklists keep you on top of coronavirus safety, so you continue to operate in line with the law. Created within Safety Cloud and tailored to your site, lists can be completed on your desktop PC or as part of a floor walk via the Safety Cloud app.
  • Online training for your whole team. With e-learning modules created for both managers and employees, workers at all levels can efficiently learn the fundamentals of COVID-19 safety, proven workplace prevention measures and their role in stopping the spread. 
  • Homeworker support. As more companies adopt hybrid and home-working arrangements, Safety Cloud provides a suite of e-learning options to make sure remote teams comply with Display Screen Equipment requirements and prioritise positive mental health.
  • Third-party safety management. Your duty of care often extends beyond your own staff, so review and store copies of contractor and supplier COVID-19 risk assessments. Safety Cloud places all compliance-related data and documents within a central online hub, so proof of due diligence is instantly accessible.

As part of our COVID-19 Compliance Check, our experienced consultants provide a full site visit, gap analysis of your coronavirus control programme and review of existing risk assessments, then follows up with a detailed report and practical recommendations. Click below for more information.