"Choosing Southalls to provide this has proved a masterstroke, as they have combined the convenience of the Safety Cloud platform with the personal, diligent and professional support of a dedicated consultant on hand to support and guide through all of the complexities of health & safety obligations. Our consultant has been superb, even before the unprecedented situation of a global pandemic and all that it has entailed. As a complete package, I would highly recommend Southalls. The value that this partnership has added is difficult to quantify in the current climate, but having a service provider stand side-by-side through such remarkable times has been a source of great comfort."
 "Teaching and support staff in schools require training and development in line with other professional sectors, however releasing staff for training is an immense problem. Southalls provide effective H&S e-learning training at this level on their cloud facility, which has had a huge impact at Alderbrook School. All of our H&S procedures, policies, risk assessments, meeting minutes and training are recorded on the cloud which staff can access using a simple log on. H&S auditing, detailed reporting and support are just a few of the important services offered by the Southall team and they continue to develop our cloud, in response to our regular consultations and provide excellent advice."

Other Exclusive Health and Safety Offers for Schools

Traffic Management Survey

Reducing accident hazards during drop off, pick up and delivery times is one of your school’s top safety priorities. A Traffic Management Survey from Southalls, our trusted health and safety partners, eases pressure points, outlines optimum vehicle and pedestrian routes and actively cuts collision threats across your site.

Design and Technology Compliance Survey

A Southalls Design and Technology Compliance Survey effectively tackles your top workshop accident risks. Our health and safety partners assess and address hazards across equipment, staff training and supervision practices, to help students sharpen their skills in a safe environment.

Accident Investigation Training

Arm yourself with specialist Accident Investigation Training from Southalls. Our qualified H&S providers clarify your essential actions following a school safety incident, plus your legal obligations to governors, regulators and insurers, and steps to shut down recurring risks.

Health and Safety Gap Analysis

Learn what’s missing from your current compliance methods with expert gap analysis from Southalls, our trusted H&S partners. A skilled consultant will identify weak spots in your existing programme, explain what safety excellence looks like for your school and share best practice tactics to take you there.

Maintenance Department Safety Compliance Audit

Minimise workplace hazards with a Southalls Maintenance Department Safety Compliance Audit. Our H&S partners confirm all risk assessments, machinery and tools are in line with compliance law, so you can confidently deliver on your duty of care to staff and students.

Food Safety and Allergen Training

When it comes to allergen management in your school kitchen, there’s no margin for error. Train your team on make-or-break food safety measures with personalised catering compliance courses from Southalls, our trusted H&S partners.

Catering Compliance Audit

Find and fix the food safety hazards that could put your food hygiene rating at risk. A Southalls Catering Compliance Audit reviews your set up and systems, then delivers straightforward feedback and action plans from former EHOs and education sector safety specialists.

Legionella Compliance Audit

Without best practice controls, potentially lethal bacteria can build up in your school’s water systems. A Southalls Legionella Compliance Audit targets common breeding grounds and shares simple risk reduction, maintenance and record-keeping systems to help you keep step with H&S law.

COVID-19 Compliance Check

A package of measures put together to assist schools to operate safely in line with government guidelines. Our service will sensitively ensure you put in place all the measures required to protect your staff, students and the NHS.

Sharpen your H&S compliance just in time for the new term

September 2021 is just a few weeks away! Whilst we understand the COVID-19 remains a priority to most education sites, these other common H&S threats like Legionellosis, asbestos exposure or the lack of appropriate fire risk strategy. Those hazards caused an arising number of accidents within schools. Accept the support of experienced health and safety experts, helping your pupils, staff and visitors to come back this term with confidence; they’re safe.

Our school Clients Include