Being a responsible business means knowing the right path when things go wrong. Southalls’ free webinar – ‘Managing the Impacts of Civil and Regulatory Health and Safety Investigations’ – provides constructive counsel on dealing with private and HSE-led inquiries.

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Southalls consultant Andy Hall and Kennedys law partner James Shrimpton guide you through the ‘before and after’ of a serious safety breach, advising on due diligence, defence claims and the safety laws that define your industry.  

The session will cover: 

  • Real-life workplace transport incidents – their causes and consequences 
  • Guidelines and sentencing – a rundown of key regulations 
  • Your critical steps following a workplace incident 
  • Handling civil claims and HSE/LE investigations, including burden of proof and interviews under caution
  • Vicarious liability – are your employees placing you at risk? 
  • The practicalities of legal privilege 
  • Why health is the new safety – current trends in accident prevention and prosecution

Understand your rights and requirements before an investigation derails your business. Reserve your webinar place today.