Whether you’re caring for pupils or opening your doors to the public, we understand the safety of your people is of paramount importance. Join Southalls for a candid conversation on the fundamentals of school safety.

In a comprehensive Q&A session, education sector specialists Ian Hatherly and Caroline Lee address the common pitfalls they identify when visiting school clients. 

yle=”color: #945ac0;”>Get best practice pointers on: 

  • Maintenance – Advice on risk assessments, accident reporting, security and safeguarding to ensure every corner of your campus is compliance checked. 
  • Supervision during pick up and drop off – Strategies for the start and end of the school day, including hazard-free traffic flow, collision prevention and your safest possible site layout.  
  • Fire safety – Key preventative actions – from regular drills to responsible chemical storage – to keep you on the right side of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 
  • Science, design and technology tools – Workshop and lab compliance measures that let students safely create and discover.    
  • PE and play equipment – Recommendations to elevate your regular maintenance schedule beyond the bare legal minimum. 
  • Legionella – Expert guidance on reviewing risk areas – including taps, AC units and water fountains – to keep potentially deadly bacteria at bay. 
  • Asbestos – Possible asbestos hotspots across your site, and your legal obligations to manage exposure. 

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