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Trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide, our web-based H&S software automates routine compliance requirements like risk assessments and staff training, while tracking insights and incident trends that help shape future strategy. So you stay ahead of daily safety duties while intelligently reducing risk for the long term. 

Join our session to discover the ten ways cutting-edge technology will transform your approach to health and safety management – from serving up reliable, audit-ready data across any device to streamlining processes and boosting employee buy-in.

2-0-2-0 Health & Safety Check – Are You Prepared?

Planning is the key to ensuring your health and safety arrangements really work. Your business needs to be compliant every single day of the year, not only a few weeks following the accident, when you try to salvage your reputation. In this webinar, health and safety specialists from Southalls will use their multi-sector experience to outline challenges that their clients face today in terms of the increased focus on health and safety this year.

Our guest speakers, Caroline Lee and Richard Denton from Southalls, will also share with you some of their practical examples of best health and safety practice, give you a few cost-effective safety tips and finally discuss what to expect when the HSE or local authority come knocking at your door.

Opening your doors following the pandemic requires precision safety planning. Available for a fixed price of £695+VAT, our Back to Business package ensures you return to trading in line with all government guidelines. 

The complete H&S support programme guides you through essential measures for your sector and provides the right tools and resources to get you safely back to work – including COVID-19 risk assessments, coronavirus compliance checklists and comprehensive hazard training for onsite staff and homeworkers.

Vehicle and Transport Safety at Work

Every year, a significant number of people are killed or seriously injured by accidents involving vehicles in the workplace. Very often, customers and staff are vulnerable to being struck by a delivery vehicle or forklift truck. They can also be hit by something falling from a vehicle, typically during loading and unloading. At Southalls, we have spent over a decade working with hundreds of clients across the UK, advising on-site safety and writing risk assessments to cover critical transport hazards.


Building Safety After the Grenfell Tower Tragedy: What Happens Next?

Join us for a look at the key safety developments which are in motion and which we expect to see in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The session which look at how you can best prepare yourself for what has been described as the biggest change in building safety for a generation.


How to Convince Your Boss To Take H&S Seriously?

When it comes to ‘selling’ safety and gaining ‘buy-in’, it is often the shop floor workers who may be resistant. The seasoned workers who don’t like change, the newbies who think they know best, the pessimist who thinks safety is nothing more than a box-ticking exercise and the risk-takers who don’t see the dangers.

However, an altogether different situation can arise. One where your boss has delegated health and safety duties to you, and you are trying to implement an effective safety management system but without any real support at director level. A ‘sloping shoulders’ style of management in which Health and Safety is delegated, and therefore no longer considered a responsibility for top-level management. Simply a delegation of duty without the necessary budget or commitment. 

How To Protect Your Reputation In a Crisis

Jonathan Hemus, Managing Director of Insignia, will explain what businesses must do to protect their reputations in the face of the biggest crisis the world has seen for a generation. He will outline communication principles and practical steps to inspire stakeholder trust at this challenging time. He will also set out the steps health and safety professionals must take now to ensure businesses resilience in the event of another COVID-19 wave or a secondary crisis such as a cyber-attack.

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Workplace Accidents - How They Can Haemorrhage Money

According to the HSE’s Health and Safety Statistics 2018, a staggering 30.7 million days were lost due to work-related health concerns and workplace injuries during 2017/18. The report shone a light on other shocking statistics that reveal an epidemic of ill health in the workplace. Beyond the life-changing impact on employees, workplace incidents can mean crippling financial burdens for businesses. Watch our webinar to learn how to stop workplace accidents waste your money.

Asbestos - How to Comply With the Regulations

In excess of 2000 workers die each year from mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer as a result of past exposure to asbestos. In order to prevent further deaths from asbestos-related diseases, those responsible for the maintenance and repair of a building have a legal duty to manage any asbestos in it. Failure to comply leaves businesses at risk of crippling fines, and even possible imprisonment of individuals. The HSE are getting tough on companies who expose workers to asbestos. In August 2019 alone, four companies were prosecuted for asbestos breaches! Is your business at risk?

Great Risk Management – The Way To a Better Result at Our Insurance Renewal

Imagine this scenario: two companies, they are in the same industry sector, similar size, turnover and number of employees. One company always achieves a better result than the other. Why? In my webinar, I am going to share with you some of the reasons why this happens and how you and your company can achieve a better result at your next renewal, hopefully with less stress. Whatever your business sector or size; I will be talking about how an insurance company sees your business, and how working with high-quality brokers and risk managers can significantly help your business.

Common H&S Pitfalls You May Be Missing

Common H&S Pitfalls You May Be Missing – a complimentary coaching session to help you stamp out high-cost compliance issues across your site. Sector specialists outline top safety fails that lead to fees for intervention (FFIs) from the HSE, helping you protect your business from unexpected financial penalties.

 Save money and take a proactive stance on safety with authoritative advice from our health and safety experts.

Keeping Your Employees Happy and Healthy from Home

Caring for employee wellbeing can feel challenging when you can’t connect in person. To help you master the softer side of remote management, we’ve joined forces with Rich Westman from Kaido, the workplace wellness specialists, for a complimentary webinar. 

‘Keeping Your Employees Happy and Healthy from Home’ teaches the basics of worker wellbeing, plus tips and tactics to keep your team feeling supported, engaged and encouraged – even from a distance.

The reality of a world-wide Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is challenging for all types of businesses.

Our dedicated health and safety consultants are here to make a difference for our clients. Tell us your biggest current safety concerns, and we’ll tailor a cost-effective compliance solution that fits your budget and needs of your staff.

FREE SURGERY: Ask the COVID-19 Safety Experts

To make sure you’ll get the maximum value of this two-days online event with Southalls; we’ve decided to offer free COVID-19 surgery to answer your coronavirus questions. Get expert insights on your key coronavirus concerns – from team welfare to workplace safety and business continuity. 

***Except for Thursday, 7th May 2020 at 10 AM