• Initial audit, covering key metal industry safety points 
  • Custom health and safety policy and risk assessments, built around industrial H&S best practice  
  • Bespoke staff health and safety handbooks
  • Competent person role (required under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations)
  • Assistance with accident investigations, including reporting under RIDDOR
  • Liaison with the HSE, conducted by our own ex-enforcement officers  
  • Safety Cloud – flexible, web-based health and safety software 
  • Access to a wide range of instructor-led and online training courses, including tailored industrial safety topics 
  • Six-monthly safety audits and online reports 
  • Free telephone advice from our sector experts


Everything we do is about boosting efficiency, saving time and creating safety-wise workforces. As experts in health and safety in the steel industry, our consultants work one-to-one to understand your business, then build a bespoke compliance programme – including online and onsite training – to tackle your unique industrial safety concerns. 

Our Safety Cloud health and safety software puts every aspect of H&S management within a few quick clicks. Tailored schedules and automated reminders take care of all tracking and follow up, helping your people complete machinery checks, keep pace with training and capture data that’s reliable and ready for audit.

Get in touch to request your complimentary telephone consultation. We'll examine the effectiveness of your current approach and provide practical insight to help you reduce risk and realise business-wide benefits.


  • Workplace noise assessments

Exposure to high levels of noise is key industrial safety concern and can give rise to tinnitus and even permanent hearing loss if left unchecked. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) place an obligation on employers to perform a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk to employees, and to reduce the risk to as low as is reasonably practicable. Our experienced consultants use the latest technology to accurately measure the level of noise present in your workplace through both personal dose monitoring and static area measurements. 

Generating a ‘workplace noise assessment’, we then advise on which areas or processes are creating the greatest risk to your employees and practical ways to reduce the noise levels.


  •  Asbestos Surveys

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 require employers to assess and manage the risk of exposure to asbestos. In reality this means ensuring you know firstly if your building contains any asbestos and secondly managing potential exposure. Failure to adequately manage the risks associated with asbestos often leads to heavy prosecution fines.

How do we help you?

We undertake a survey (called a Management Survey) to establish the facts. This will involve sampling any materials suspected to contain asbestos. Sample results can be obtained same day if required. Pulling all of the data together to compile a survey including site plan with asbestos register. Taking this a step further than other providers, we then work with you to produce a Management Plan ensuring you fully comply with the Regulations.

What about refurbishment or demolition?

If refurbishment or demolition is to be conducted, the area must be subject to a refurbishment and demolition survey. With an established track record of health and safety in the metal industry, we can often undertake this at short notice and rapidly turn around the required samples.


  • Workplace DSE Assessments

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations require an analysis of staff workstations to assess and reduce risk. Workstations must meet specified minimum standards. If a worker is suffering pain from poor workstation postural habits, injury or ill-health, disability or return to work from a long absence, a workstation assessment is strongly recommended as part of your industrial H&S programme.

Our ergonomic assessors can conduct a seating analysis and workstation overview (typically known as a DSE assessment) for all office environments. Typically 30 minutes per individual with the worker at their workstation, these involve a case history, health and safety checklist, task analysis, postural analysis, environmental analysis, workstation adjustments, advice and completed display screen equipment risk assessment to ensure you are fully compliant with regulations.

  • Training

We offer IOSH-approved health and safety training, including IOSH Managing Safely, IOSH Working Safely and IOSH Safety in Metal Processing and Stock Holding.

To cover all key hazards associated with health and safety in the steel industry, we also offer tailor-made courses to suit you, including manual handling, working at height, asbestos awareness and fire warden training. 

Courses can be held on your site or at a local training facility.

E-learning training is available via Safety Cloud and consists of a full range of topics focusing on metal industry safety priorities. Our e-learning platform can also offer bespoke client-specific training unique to your organisation.

  • Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes business owners, and those responsible for business premises, ultimately accountable for conducting a fire risk assessment and making safe their places of work. As part of routine industrial safety measures, you need to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help if you don’t have the expertise or time to do the fire risk assessment yourself. Our consultants are qualified and experienced in conducting fire risk assessments across a variety of industries.

In brief, this process includes an assessment of:

- emergency routes and exits.

-fire detection and warning systems.

-fire fighting equipment.

-safe storage of dangerous substances.

-an emergency fire evacuation plan.

-the needs of vulnerable people, eg the elderly, young children or those with disabilities.

-providing information to employees and other people on the premises.

-staff fire safety training.

A fire risk assessment document and emergency plan will be produced ensuring you fully comply with The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005.


  • DSEAR Risk assessments

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) require employers to control the risks to safety from fire, explosions and substances corrosive to metals. A particular barrier to health and safety in the steel industry, ‘dangerous substances’ can be found in nearly all workplaces and include such things as solvents, paints, varnishes, flammable gases, such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), dusts from machining and sanding operations, dusts from foodstuffs, pressurised gases and substances corrosive to metal.

Southalls will conduct a risk assessment to establish which dangerous substances are present and what hazards they present. We will then identify and classify areas of the workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur and what control measures are needed to remove or control the risk. 

We also provide training for staff to ensure employees are properly informed about and trained to control or deal with the risks from dangerous substances in the context of industrial safety. 


  • Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella causes Legionnaires’ Disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Failure to properly manage your water systems may exposure your staff or customers to this risk.

As an employer or person in control of premises you need to assess, prevent and control any risks of exposure to legionella arising from your water systems. Compliant to the L8 approved code of practice, we will identify and assess the source of any risk of legionella and produce a practical action plan to prevent, minimise and control the risk.


Southalls provide excellent value for money and targeted expertise, allowing us to sleep at night, confident that we are fully compliant. Safety Cloud keeps us on track and simplifies the health and safety management process with time-saving checklists, alerts and reminders. Once you've worked with the system, you will never go back. If I were to return to the start of my time at John Tainton, I would bring in Southalls and Safety Cloud from day one.

John Tainton

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