"Choosing Southalls to provide this has proved a masterstroke, as they have combined the convenience of the Safety Cloud platform with the personal, diligent and professional support of a dedicated consultant on hand to support and guide through all of the complexities of health & safety obligations. Our consultant has been superb, even before the unprecedented situation of a global pandemic and all that it has entailed. As a complete package, I would highly recommend Southalls. The value that this partnership has added is difficult to quantify in the current climate, but having a service provider stand side-by-side through such remarkable times has been a source of great comfort."
 "Teaching and support staff in schools require training and development in line with other professional sectors, however releasing staff for training is an immense problem. Southalls provide effective H&S e-learning training at this level on their cloud facility, which has had a huge impact at Alderbrook School. All of our H&S procedures, policies, risk assessments, meeting minutes and training are recorded on the cloud which staff can access using a simple log on. H&S auditing, detailed reporting and support are just a few of the important services offered by the Southall team and they continue to develop our cloud, in response to our regular consultations and provide excellent advice."

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