Technology is transforming how work is carried out in every business. This presents a challenge for manufacturers as new equipment and working practices bring additional risks to the workplace. Amid the rapid pace of change, it is more important than ever to have robust compliance records, procedures and reporting in place, whether they be for health and safety or managing ISO quality systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001.

Paper-based processes do not scale easily, so significant increases in data and documentation could result in inaccuracies, errors and loss of information. As any manufacturer who has ever done a traceability exercise will know, there is nothing more frustrating than a ‘missing sheet’ during an ISO audit – and this may result in minor or even major non-compliances that could affect whether you retain your ISO accreditation.

Even where paperwork is stored digitally as spreadsheets or scanned PDFs, it is difficult and time-consuming to manage version control and maintain growing numbers of files. Disparate, individual documents often lead to a lack of continuity in addressing safety concerns or compliance issues and make it easier to miss opportunities for corrective or preventative actions.

A minor-free future with Safety Cloud 

Imagine if the only copy of an SOP, risk assessment or work instruction available to your staff was the correct version, only accessible by a secure electronic system? Or if a machinery fault highlighted by an operative at a start-of-shift check was automatically reported to the maintenance engineer and manufacturing manager?

Safety Cloud, Southalls’ flexible online compliance management software, helps eliminate minors for frequent mistakes like failure to control document versions or missing maintenance – and enables managers to see all safety, equipment and machinery checks for every site from a single desktop or device. This can include:

  • Daily equipment checks for ISO systems and general safety management. Data collected helps track common faults in machines, analyse downtime, reconcile maintenance and record preventative maintenance checks. In the event of an accident, you’re also armed with vital due diligence tools to demonstrate relevant checks have occurred, from functioning e-stops to guarding being in place.
  • Staff training, as required by ISO systems and for general safety management to show evidence of due diligence. Southalls can also work with you to develop bespoke online training, specific to your site or equipment.
  • Legionella assessments and monitoring for both environmental compliance and general safety, including daily checks, weekly monitoring results and monthly flush-through of equipment.
  • Forklift truck daily checks for general safety and due diligence defence if an accident occurs.
  • Management of PPE issuance and checks on a person-by-person basis. This is particularly helpful where staff members use PPE with limited durability, such as hard hats, or for time-mandated statutory checks, like LOLER testing for harnesses. Safety Cloud’s programmable alerts keep processes and targets on track from start to finish, with prompt, automatic reminders to both staff and management.

Safety Cloud makes it simple to manage compliance, raise standards and cut accident risks across your manufacturing business. Visit our Safety Cloud pages to learn more about making the switch to online H&S management or speak to a Southalls specialist on 0345 257 4015.