How safe do your employees feel at work? How you answer that question will depend on whether you take it seriously or merely pay lip service to health and safety.

Unfortunately, even in today’s modern world, many employees do not feel safe at work.

Whether substandard working conditions, a lack of policies and procedures, to abusive behaviour and non-existent management standards (like risk assessments), perilous workplaces can stem from many forms.

To help your employees feel safe at work, we’ve put together a practical checklist of pointers on how to make the Health & Safety grade:

Southalls_Helping Your Employees Feel Safe At Work_Checklist

Crucially, when looking at ‘health and safety’ within your business, it is important not to forget ‘health’. All too often, businesses focus on physical safety dangers like installing guarding on dangerous machinery, but the more subtle occupational health risks from the same machinery, like hearing damage or asthma from wood dust inhalation, can be missed.