In recent years, many schools have made significant strides in reducing paper consumption. And while efforts are often fuelled by environmental factors, data security demands under GDPR and the pressure to minimise handling of physical documents during COVID-19 have made paperless processes even more important. 

When it comes to health and safety management, however, a move away from outdated printed files can also save time, money – and even lives. 

Robust health and safety management software, such as Southalls’ Safety Cloud, brings together all elements of compliance on a single online platform, delivering key data in real time, on any device. Your staff get instant access to customised safety training and templates, risk assessments and policies, so everyone works from a shared source of trusted, current H&S resources. 

Get a taste of how a digital approach could support your school across every aspect of compliance management.

Data analysis and visibility

  • Health and safety data, such as accidents reports, near misses and training records, are accessible 24/7 on PC, tablet or mobile. 
  • Bespoke, real-time data is visible to a range of discrete audiences, including trustees and governing bodies. 
  • Flexible statistics and reporting options help analyse trends in ways not possible with paper records, allowing you to identify problems before they result in serious injury, legal costs or civil claims. For example, a series of minor falls or slips could point to a problem with surface grip on school stairs. 
  • Due diligence is made refreshingly simple, with documents immediately retrievable for claims and investigations. 
  • Progress is easily tracked when resolving issues, allowing greater transparency and ensuring problems are rectified before they result in further injuries. 

Risk assessments 

  • Up-to-date templates are available in one location and readily accessible to all employees (instead of printouts being stored in cupboards and spread across various school departments).
  • Revision histories easily demonstrate the review process, highlighting which safety measures were in place at any moment in time. 
  • Your senior leadership team enjoys greater visibility of health and safety performance, while accountability is built among staff members. 

Audits, inspections, checks and maintenance

  • Clear scheduling tools help you stay on top of all required audits, equipment checks and grounds inspections. 
  • Safety Cloud’s auto-reminders prompt you before actions are due, cutting out time-consuming paperwork and spreadsheet reviews. 
  • Records of in-house maintenance checks are created instantly, so there’s no follow-up work.   
  • In-built QR code options allow you to scan an item of work equipment via the Safety Cloud app and immediately view a digital checklist for sign off or problem reporting.
  • Clear, real-time traceability of corrective measures ensure hazards are tightly controlled – and actions closed once and for all.  


  • Quick, customised safety e-learning modules are stored in a single web-based library, ready to complete wherever and whenever your staff choose.  
  • Training records are housed online and on hand around the clock, so there’s no searching for your team’s most recent certificates. 
  • Online matrices and automatic pre-course reminders keep deadlines and requirements on track, cutting the need for complex training management documents.

Health surveillance

  • Secure online questionnaires, completed at employees’ convenience, help you pinpoint patterns of poor health and swiftly implement corrective measures as needed. 
  • A streamlined digital process supports the early identification of a potential breakdown in controls, such as respiratory issues from staff exposed to wood dust.  
  • Reliable information and tracking tools reduce the likelihood of accidents and health issues that could result in future claims. 

Data security

  • Personalised log ins allow tailored levels of access, with sensitive data restricted to specified employees.  
  • A secure, central hub of H&S information means no lost paperwork, certificates or  spreadsheets – and protection against personal data breaches that could lead to punitive fines. 
  • Safety Cloud’s IASME Gold certification, Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and 256-bit encryption mean you can be confident your data will remain private, protected and secure. 

To learn more about the benefits of online safety management for your school – and why Safety Cloud is trusted by 150,000 users across the globe – chat to our education sector specialists on 0345 257 4015 or email