Fireworks season is almost here – but those bright lights can bring darker dangers for builders merchants and garden centres who stock timber or timber products.

The risk of fire significantly increases at this time of year, so keep your site safe from seasonal hazards by asking a few key questions:  

  • Is your housekeeping in order? Make sure timber is tidily stacked, timber products are neatly stored and combustibles such as paper, cardboard, sticks and other rubbish are safely placed in a skip.
  • Do you have empty pallets lying around your site? If you’re not able to remove them completely, consider storing unused pallets where they are least likely to be hit by a stray rocket. Burning pallets are one of the most frequent sources of fires at this time of year.
  • Are your skips closed overnight? Where conventional skips are used, check that they’re covered or shut tight before you leave the site each evening.
  • Is excess rubbish putting you at risk? Make sure you have sufficient skips to avoid an overflow of stacked cardboard and other flammable materials.
  • Have you checked for embers? Carry out a daily inspection throughout firework season to ensure there are no small smouldering fires or embers.

Remember, if your branch is in a residential area or near a known firework display, the chance of fire is increased. If you have any questions or concerns, speak to one of the team.