Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, caused by inhaling small droplets of water contaminated by Legionella bacteria. The bacteria develops in water temperatures between 25-40°C and is commonly found in purpose-built systems and fixtures such as taps and showerheads, storage tanks, wet or hybrid system air conditioning units, spa pools and ornamental water features. 

Anyone on your site is susceptible to Legionella infection – particularly those with diabetes, impaired immune systems or lung, heart and kidney disease – so it’s essential you put the right prevention and management measures in place.   

Duty holders (including employers) must appoint a competent person to assess, manage and prevent Legionella risks within their water systems. Our experts can help.


A health and safety specialist will visit your site to identify and assess sources of risk and produce a practical action plan to minimise and control bacterial growth. Compliant to the L8 approved code of practice, a Southalls Legionella risk assessment will analyse: 

- Water temperature – Does it fall between 20-45°C in any part of your water system?

- Storage – Is water stored and/or re-circulated in the system?

- Conditions – Are nutrients present to feed the bacteria?

- Risk groups – Are any employees, visitors or residents at greater risk due to their age, habits or health condition?


We will prioritise the Legionella risks within your systems and provide expert guidance on reducing or eliminating them. 

If it’s not possible to eradicate Legionella hotspots by upgrading your processes or equipment, we’ll recommend a range of controls – from insulation to cleaning programmes and UV filters – to limit the growth of Legionella bacteria.   

We’ll also ensure you stay compliant with current Legionella regulations with authoritative advice on record keeping. This involves tracking: 

- The significant findings of your Legionella risk assessment

- Written details of your controls and a monitoring scheme such as temperature testing, cleaning and sampling/water hygiene testing (if required) 

- Results of your monitoring scheme and an action plan if any issues are found

We’re here to help you make sense of legionella.

Get in touch for sound advice from a Southalls safety expert or to book your Legionella risk assessment.