Steel road plates can be a quick fix to cover potholes and keep road surfaces level on your merchant yard. But this short-term stopgap presents its own safety hazards.

Weighing in at around 70kg, steel plates can cause serious damage if dislodged by a vehicle wheel. So what’s the sensible solution?

Southalls’ advice

We understand that resurfacing your entire yard may not be financially feasible, making steel plates an attractive interim measure. We recommend, however, that plates are used only as a temporary step, with potholes being filled as soon as possible.

  • Before using steel plates, check they’re in good condition, lie flat, thoroughly grip the ground and are a suitable size and weight.
  • To help prevent incidents, train your staff on the dangers of potholes and the risks associated with using steel plates to cover them for long periods of time.
  • Encourage your team to report potholes, as well as any issues with steel plates, such as them slipping, being too light or not fit for purpose.

For more advice on effectively managing hazards in your merchant yard, please get in touch.