Is your health and safety programme set for summer? Hot weather brings new hazards, so it’s important to rethink your working practices when temperatures rise. 

The elderly, young people and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most at risk during the warmer months, but individuals working in sun exposed, high temperature environments – such as yard staff and truck drivers – are also likely to being affected. 

While the law doesn’t stipulate a maximum working temperature, it does require employers to take reasonable precautions to keep staff comfortable on the job. This includes maintaining acceptable heat levels in the workplace, particularly if your team is engaged in labour intensive activities such as manual handling and machine operation.

To work safe during summer, it’s advisable to review your risk assessments, run a ‘toolbox talk’ covering heat wave hazards and consider longer-term H&S solutions – from installing air conditioning to providing sheltered outside workspaces. 

No matter what the British weather throws at your business, we’re on hand to keep your team safe and productive. Get in touch to find out more.