Warehouse Safety – Your Critical Compliance Factors

The warehousing sector is a top target for HSE fines. Protect your people and your business with a tutorial on best practice loading and unloading procedures, workplace transport and manual handling. Our sector specialists also cover work equipment maintenance and compliant racking and storage, as well as team concerns including welfare provision and mental health support.


Metal Working Fluids – Your One-Stop Health and Safety Briefing

Control the dangers of metal working fluids (MWFs) with a detailed summary of sources and safety measures. You’ll get to grips with the exposure hazards of dust, fumes, compressed airline use and enclosed CNC lathes and millers – and understand the importance of dip slide testing, health surveillance and air monitoring to your workers’ wellbeing. We’ll end with a live Q&A covering everything from team training to H&S law.


Why Team Building Is the New Pillar of Wellbeing Your Business Should be Talking About

In a ‘post-COVID’ world, ensuring your remote and distributed teams are connected will be key to employee engagement and business success. In this webinar, Rich Westman, founder of workplace wellbeing provider Kaido discusses why a focus on team building should be an integral part of your employee wellbeing strategy moving forward. Rich shares also, how Kaido supports companies of all sizes to keep their hybrid teams engaged and connected and offers practical guidance to help ensure your workplace wellbeing offering is fit for purpose and your people.

Looking to build a more connected team in a post-Covid world?

Wellbeing Champions are your secret weapon. Learn how to recruit and utilise Wellbeing Champions to drive engagement with your wellbeing initiatives and build a culture of health across your business.

Book your free, no obligation Product Tour with a member of the Kaido team today to take advantage of this offer and learn more about how Kaido can help your business

Which H&S challenges are holding you back?

Book a free phone consultation to clear the compliance issues putting you at risk of accidents, claims and penalties. Speak one-to-one with an expert consultant to solve immediate H&S concerns and confidently shape long-term strategy.


Manufacturing Noise – Do Your Controls Measure Up?

It’s your legal responsibility to protect your workers’ hearing – but are you doing enough? Get the lowdown on manufacturing noise, hearing loss and H&S law, and how to take action with qualitative assessments, noise surveys and health surveillance. Learn the right way to interpret audit results and select the correct controls, protection and training to safeguard your staff.


LEV - Common Pitfalls and Critical Checks for Your Thorough Examination Report

Get the inside story on local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and learn how to safeguard your team from the health risks of hazardous substances. We’ll explain when LEV and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) are required, and how to ensure they’re working effectively. You’ll also receive specialist advice on Workplace Exposure Limits, essential equipment checks and the key action points from your thorough examination report.

Simon Turner, Driving for Better Business

The 10 Most Important Steps in Managing Work Related Road Risk

Watch this session to learn more about the ten most important tasks required for effective management of work-related road risk within current health and safety legislation, along with some of the most common mistakes that safety professionals make.


COSHH Compliance – Reducing Your Chemical-Related Risks

Your essential guide to COSHH safety, covering the basics of responsible chemical use, your legal obligations and a point-by-point compliance plan. You'll learn how to identify onsite chemicals and substances, confirm which ones are hazardous and complete an effective COSHH assessment. We’ll then explain how to implement an ongoing management and monitoring programme.


Food Manufacturing in 2021 – Navigating COVID-19, Brexit and Changing Enforcement Rules

Major legislative, economic and social shifts significantly impacted the food manufacturing industry throughout 2020. We’ll review the fallout and help you plan for compliance with updated guidance on COVID-19 controls, allergen management and post-Brexit food safety. You’ll also get an overview of changing enforcement tactics and prosecution case studies to keep you on the right side of regulations.

AMY MORLEY & GARETH DIXON, Citation Fire & Electrical

How Safety Testing Has Changed Over the Last Year and What the Future Holds

Regular equipment safety testing is an essential element of your compliance programme, so it’s important to keep pace with changing codes of practice. Experts from our sister company, Citation, bring you up to speed with evolving advice across EET/PAT, fixed wire testing and EICRs. You’ll also learn the latest industry guidance on maintaining emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

Unbeatable Safety Testing services – performed and maintained by qualified specialists

After more than a decade of providing Safety Testing services to thousands of businesses nationwide, our specialists can reduce electrical and fire risks, keeping your business compliant and your employees safe.


Cut Your 2021 Health and Safety Spend – Simple Solutions for Employers

Many businesses pay over the odds on their health and safety programme. Our team helps you save money without lowering standards with cost-cutting solutions across asbestos surveys, PAT testing, fixed wiring inspections, LOLER and staff training. Discover the truth about accident investigations and annual risk assessment reviews – and how to avoid overspend on core compliance requirements.


COVID-19 – How to Identify Hidden Health and Safety Risks

Does your COVID-19 risk assessment cover all key hazards? Changes in government guidance could mean your prevention programme is out of date. This session delivers the latest advice across working from home, safe commuting and employee training. We’ll also share the control areas where many companies fall short – from ventilation and cleaning routines to COVID-19 outbreak management plans.


COVID-19 Q&A – Live Answers to Your Compliance Questions

Get expert answers to your COVID-19 safety questions in a live Q&A. Our health and safety consultants field your concerns in real time, helping you cut transmission risks, improve controls and operate in line with government directives. There’s no question limit, so tap into our team’s experience of protecting businesses throughout the pandemic.


The pandemic has prompted a new standard of safety best practice. Stay on the right side of revised requirements with Southalls COVID-19 Compliance Check.

A health and safety specialist will visit your site to analyse gaps in your COVID-19 procedures and review your risk assessment plan in line with updated guidelines from government, insurers and regulators. We’ll then deliver expert recommendations and a comprehensive compliance report – plus peace of mind for a responsible reopening.


Managing Psychological Health at Work

Having a job is usually good for us as it gives life structure, a sense of stability, fulfilment or satisfaction. But if the pressure and demands become too much, they can lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. With that in mind, if we were to ask you how mentally healthy your workforce is right now, would you know? 76% of the workforce believe their employer should be doing more to protect their mental health at work. Join Kate Field, Head of Health, Safety, and Well-being at the BSI Group, to get some insight.

Looking to enhance your knowledge of ISO 45003?

This new one-day Psychological Health and Safety at Work Training Course will help you understand how to manage psychosocial risk across your organization as part of your overall occupational health and safety management system.


Staying Compliant in 2021 – How Technology Can Save You Time, Money and Resource

Using paper files and spreadsheets to manage health and safety can open the door to missing information, accidents and claims. This session shares the business-wide benefits of online compliance management. See how Safety Cloud’s 24/7 hub of H&S data and resources can deliver measurable time and work-saving advantages – and experience demos of cloud-based tools, processes and training modules.

Your online health and safety saviour

Safety Cloud brings together all compliance requirements, resources and reporting within a single, 24/7 digital tool. Save time and money, streamline H&S processes and close the loops that lead to accidents and penalties. Book a free demo and we’ll show you how.

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Questions about compliance? Talk to us for free

Put your safety issues to a senior Southalls advisor and we’ll provide a clear, professional view of your current compliance set-up or tailored advice to help clear your toughest H&S hurdles:

>> Are you stuck on a specific safety issue?

>> Are you struggling with any aspect of H&S management?

>> Do you want to prevent penalties and tackle COVID-19 transmission in the workplace?

>> Do you need expert support to reduce risk, address specific safety obstacles and keep your business free of accidents and claims?

>> Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest H&S regulations?

However you direct the discussion, we’ll provide straightforward feedback and solutions that fit your budget, sector and overall safety goals.