Our latest webinar 2019 Health and Safety Check – Are You Prepared? was again a great success. Hundreds of people took an hour from their busy schedules to learn more about health and safety checks and the newest safety management solutions.

We’ve also received a tremendous amount of messages and questions post the seminar, seeking further compliance advice. If you wish to discuss our session or you have any questions, our specialist health and safety team is within the reach of your hand. Simply email us at safetyadvice@southalls.com and we’ll respond to you within the next 24h.

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank you for all your kind words and honest feedback on this session. Our guest speakers and members of Southalls team Caroline Lee, Sarah Leake and Richard Denton; are very humbled by the fact that so many of you wanted to join us!


It’s on-demand now

As you know, planning is the key to ensuring your health and safety arrangements really work. Your business needs to be compliant every single day of the year, not only a few weeks following an accident when you try to salvage your reputation.

If you didn’t get the chance to join us last Wednesday during our live session or you want to watch this web-seminar again; our on-demand version of this meeting can help you stay compliant throughout all the manoeuvres year 2019 can bring to you and your team.

More to come from Southalls

Remember, there are more live and on-live events in the next few months! We’ll make sure to keep you posted about our future events. For now, make sure to tune in to our social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; so you don’t miss a thing!