Southalls have already worked with our clients to provide a range of materials including risk assessments for businesses trading during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government provided specific guidance for a range of sectors yesterday including factories, warehouses, shops, vehicles, takeaway and delivery premises and offices, you can access this guidance here.

Whilst social distancing advice remains unchanged and should continue to reflect the hierarchy of control in your response to COVID-19, there is specific information requiring you to share your risk assessment on your website, to display the ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure In 2020’ poster and additional points on managing manual handling, using lifts safely and communicating information to colleagues. Further guidance has been provided to schools and can be accessed here.

This provides clarification on how social distancing should be managed in school settings and includes managing classroom sizes, transport to and from school, school drop off and use of outdoor equipment.’

We will be continuing to provide updates through our regular webinars which can be accessed below.