Last year, the ladder standards changed. This was to improve the safety of portable ladders and to simplify the categories, to make purchasing the right type of ladder easier. These changes affect all business’ that use portable ladders.

As a reminder, here is what you need to know:

Previously there were 3 standards for ladders in the UK. Now there are just 2 standards: “EN131 Professional” and “EN131 Non-Professional”. The “Professional” category is for ladders that are intended for use in a professional setting. Ladders that are meant for household use are categorised as “Non-professional”.

Any other changes?

  1. The width of ladders has increased to enhance stability.
  2. Ladders are put through increased strength test requirements – the minimum weight bared for all ladders is now 150kg.
  3. There are new requirements for ladder durability.

The period of grace for ladder manufacturers has now come to an end so ladders conforming to the old standards should no longer be available for sale.

Can I still use my current ladders?

Absolutely – providing they’re in good condition. Just remember that when they’re no longer fit for purpose, you’ll need to purchase ladders that meet the new BS EN 131 standards.