Time-strapped health and safety professionals can discover how Southalls Safety Cloud software will streamline and simplify every aspect of safety management at the Manchester’s Event City Health and Safety North event on 8-9th October. 

Southalls, one of the UK’s fastest-growing health and safety consultancies, will be serving up free demos (and fresh cookies) on stand H52, showing how the software’s customisable, cloud-based options can deliver compliance with stunning efficiency. 

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Built by industry insiders

Created by H&S specialists with a deep understanding of the industry, Safety Cloud places all processes, policies, documents and data in a central online hub, so compliance is managed end-to-end, around the clock – via PC at head office or by mobile from a factory floor-walk. 

Features include: 

  • Clear navigation and intuitive tools for effective H&S management via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. 
  • Key data, documents and reporting tools accessible within a few quick clicks.
  • Tailored e-learning modules with custom courses for employees at every level.
  • Personalised access levels for directors, managers and frontline staff, boosting compliance, engagement and ownership across businesses.  
  • Straightforward scheduling and automated reminders – so critical assessments, audits and equipment checks are constantly monitored and never missed.  

Director John Southall says, “We can’t wait to meet our clients, fellow safety specialists and other event goers who may be unfamiliar with the services we offer. Our Safety Cloud software was created to make life easier for health and safety professionals, swapping the daily ritual of firefighting with a user-friendly solution that keeps all elements of safety management on time and on track. We look forward to demonstrating how simple, smart technology can keep every business confidently compliant.” 

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Look for the Cloud

Follow the large cloud logo to the Southalls team on stand H52. They’ll be on hand throughout the show providing Safety Cloud demos, 1-2-1 consultancy sessions, quality health and safety resources, exclusive service promotions and event-related goodies, including some seriously tempting treats.