Dave, an employee, receives a bump on the head from a forklift truck operated by another staff member, Brian.

Diary entry for Chris White, Managing Director and Safety Cloud user:

08:30 Receive email notification of an accident causing injury to an employee that has occurred at one of the branches. Identify this is an accident that requires some further investigation.

08:31 Log into Safety Cloud – read report detailing cause of accident, all required information there including extent of injuries with attached photos of the accident and witness statement attached.

08:35 Check Brian’s training record on Safety Cloud – identify that he is certified to drive the Forklift truck involved. Check training matrix on Safety Cloud to ensure there are others that can use the truck while employee is injured.

08:40 Check Fork lift truck service record and weekly manager’s checks on Safety Cloud – confirmed all up to date apart from one historic issue with the reversing beeper not working. Checked pre-use checklist on Safety Cloud and found reversing beeper fixed same day.

08:45 Add actions to the accident report for CCTV to be downloaded and assign to the branch manager.

09:00 Carry on with day knowing that Safety CLoud will email when manager updates training record.

09:15 Brief chat with HR who were also notified of the incident and have logged in to check details.

09:30 Send a Safety Alert to all branch managers to issue to staff reminding of the ‘2m keep clear’ rule with moving forklift trucks … will log in at the end of the week to confirm responses.

12:00 Phone call from MD poolside in Cuba  – seen the accident notification email notification and called to see what’s up – happy everything in order. Told him to switch off phone and get back to his Piña Colada 😉

Diary entry for Chris White, Managing Director who is not a Safety Cloud user:

10:00 Telephone call from one of the branches reporting accident that happened earlier. Get brief details and ask them to email with report.

10:15 Start writing an accident report up on computer

11:00 Email finally arrives… lots of information missing. Call branch manager who is out in the yard.

11:30 Finally get hold of branch manager ask him to carry out some actions: download CCTV, check employees training records and check Fork Lift Truck service is up to date.

12:00 Branch manager can’t find the training records for Brian – need to ring HR to dig out the files.

13:00 Branch manager has found the service record for the FLT – ask him to take a photo on his phone and send over via email.

14:00 Heard from another member of staff that Brian says he mentioned forklift reversing beeper not working to his manager about a month ago. Not clear exactly when, or if this as ever logged anywhere.

12:15 Call from HR – have heard about accident – asking for a report to be sent to them.

13:00 Type up email to be sent to all branch managers to ask them to check reversing beepers are working on all their forklift trucks. Will have to chase later on in the week.

…still to do…. Draft a safety alert and email all branch managers to re-train their staff in the ‘2m keep clear’ rule for moving forklift trucks. Email again next week to check this has been done. Keep searching for the maintenance report on this forklift truck r.e. the reversing beeper! Keep fingers crossed this doesn’t result in a civil claim, as keeping track of all the relevant records relating to this accident is a nightmare!

NB: All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this diary entry are fictitious.